• This website! Built with GatsbyJS, and pure CSS

  • Disappointing 30 under 30 landing page
  • Built with React on the frontend
  • Using MongoDB, Mongoose, and Express on the backend
  • Frontend hosted on Netlify, with backend on Heroku
  • find pour decisions landing page

Hobby Projects

  • Arudino + BME680 + Losant IoT Platform
    • losant home air monitor dashboard page
    • Soldered Sensor to Adafruit Huzzah 32 featherwing
    • Designed and 3D printed a housing
    • Code on Github
  • The Pomo Timer
    • The Pomo Timer UI
    • Built with ElectronJS, Vanilla JS, and Vanilla CSS
    • Following semver and releasing on Github
    • Currently Only for Windows